If I were asked which sin is the most prevalent and most dangerous, I'd have to say it is hubris.  Hubris is man's inclination toward inflated self-importance, false pride, and egotism.  Hubris is the sin behind a host of evil failings, including atheism and communism.  Hubris marches in lockstep with secular humanism and the so called scientific revolution.  Without hubris, many of the world's sadest tragedies would simply get no play.

As a Christian it is your duty to fight hubris in yourself, and others.  To do that you must develop the ability to think for yourself, and put that into daily practice.  God has given us the tools.  We have eyes and ears and other senses with which to gather evidence.  We have logic and common sense to organize and evaluate that evidence.  And finally, we have vast resources in libraries, schools, and on the Internet to learn more about issues, opinions, and factual analyses.  But in the end, God expects us to use the tools He's given us to reach our own conclusions and opinions.  This is extremely important, because on a public level hubris is generated largely through unwarranted reliance on what others tell us to think about ourselves and our surroundings.

Generations have been taught that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution scientifically explains the origin of species, allowing for the development of higher life forms including man without the presence of God.  In a similar manner, Al Gore along with numerous movie actors and politicians have told us that man made global warming is killing the Earth.  Hubris allows us to believe that mans' science can explain everything, and that mankind is ultimately all powerful, even to the extreme of killing our planet.  It is easy to see the motivation behind such folly.  Powerful greedy men want you to think that they have all the answers and therefore to rely exclusively on them or their governments.  As Christians we should never fall for that.  We should never be content with allowing God to be dethroned in favor of mans' scientific or social theories.

Hubris has a devastating effect on our personal lives and relationships.  As soon as we start thinking that we know best and can successfully control our lives, we are on the road to disaster.  Businesses fail, marriages shatter, lives are ruined by drugs and alcohol, and our courtrooms and prisons are filled with those who have followed the advice of the latest and greatest secular guru.  All the while, God's plan is like a steady stream that flows through our lives.  It is always there for us.  But, anyone attempting to swim against it or across it will likely wind up on the rocks.

Like many other sins, it's probably not possible to avoid hubris completely.  But we need to fight it as best we can.  One simple and effective way to fight hubris is through prayer.  When you talk to God, ask Him straight out to remove defects of hubris, self-centeredness, pride, and arrogance from your character.  Tell Him you seek true humility.  Ask Him to enter your life and take charge. Tell Him you surrender your will to His and ask for His guidance throughout each day.  If you continue to pray in this manner He will hear and answer.  Just be sure to listen for His answer, and not be swayed by the clamorous insistent demands of others vying for your attention.