Am I Saved?

I know that many out there are asking themselves, “Am I saved?”  And, I’ve been asked by others, “Are you saved?”  So how does one know?  How can you tell for sure if you’ve been saved or not?

First off, let me confess.  That is sort of a trick question.  You see, those who are saved know it.  Those who are asking themselves the question most likely are not saved yet.

Being saved involves what many call “Being born again in the Spirit of Christ.”  I believe that can happen to someone at any stage in their life, although it does require a conscious decision to accept Jesus Christ as one’s personal Lord and Savior.  That seems to eliminate the possibility of salvation at birth, or at infant christenings.  But I’ve known very young people who I believe were already saved.

Let me clarify.  I believe that the Lord will gather the innocents to Him.  That means, those who are younger than the age of reason will automatically be with Him in the event of their death, or should the final trumpet sound.  But at some point in each person’s life, God will draw that mysterious line beyond which a conscious choice to believe in Him will be required.  After that time, we are all responsible for seeking our own salvation.

The recipe for salvation is simple, and often repeated.  In total sincerity and with no reservations, give yourself to God completely, asking for forgiveness, and committing yourself to His service.  That’s really all there is to it.  And, in case you missed it, the trick is the “total sincerity” and "no reservations" part.  That is the "conscious decision” you must make.

So, how does one know?  In my experience, and in that of others I’ve heard speak on the subject, when you are born again, “everything changes.”  It was certainly that way for me.  After a difficult night, I woke up the following morning and I just knew.  And, from that day on my life was different, everything was changed.  I had finally made that total commitment before falling asleep.  I awoke saved.  Thank you God!

How “changed?” you ask.  The first thing you might notice is a feeling of inner peace, an absence of that usual turmoil of insecurity, fear, anger, frustration, and emptiness.  Instead, one is filled with a calm certainty that God is watching, and that everything will be OK.  And there is happiness, sometimes even elation.  Beyond such immediate changes, there are a myriad of others, like starting to see the good qualities in people, even those one dislikes.  Or, discovering that lying, cheating, and stealing are just no longer acceptable options.  It is like experiencing the world from a totally new perspective.

So, you will know.  You may choose to run around telling everyone about it.  Or, you may experience the joy of salvation quietly and privately.  But either way, there will be no question about it in your mind.  You will know.